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Daniele Guidi

CHEF – Rags to riches… of pope Innocenzo III

At Polpo Mario since 1997, the chef Daniele Guidi is one who has always cultivated a passion for cooking fish: after leaving the hotel school, he trained in important kitchens such as the two Michelin Star restaurant Il Trigabolo in Argenta (Ferrara) with the chefs multi-starred Igles Corelli and Bruno Barbieri. In these years he has the opportunity to cook together with Gualtiero Marchesi, Gianfranco Vissani, Alfonso Iaccarino. In 1990 he landed at the Ca ‘Peo restaurant in Leivi, a Michelin star, where he stayed for seven years and at the age of 23 he flew to America as Ambassador of Ligurian cuisine in Washington. In 2016 he received the Les Toques Blanches d’Honneur (Platinum Hat) award, the highest honor of the Italian Chefs Association.

At Polpo Mario he leads an excellent kitchen brigade composed of people who not only cook fish in an excellent way but being profound connoisseurs, they work it with skill and passion, combining traditional dishes with dishes rich in innovation, with the creativity of those who every day it has a great variety of fresh fish available.

Rudy Ciuffardi

“Go shopping in the woods,” said his grandmother, a cook for occasions in noble families. And he would go to Mandrella to stock up on mushrooms, chestnuts, blackberries. Lover of the sea and good food, owner of fishing boats, visionary entrepreneur and inventor of social and gastronomic events. There are many titles that fit perfectly with Rudy Ciuffardi, but he calls himself “gastrophilologist“, a term for which the Treccani encyclopedia has dedicated a neologism to him: “those who love the rules and ingredients of good food and study the properties in detail food and the preparation of special dishes “. Rudy is also a writer of traditional cookbooks and author, among many, of ““Vissi d’amore e di polpo – 135 modi per cucinare il polpo””, as well as the comic that tells the true story of the octopus Mario.

Son of the “prince of harpoons” of Sestri Levante Cesare and of the “lady of the kitchen” Nena, Rudy is a family gourmet who has managed to pass on the passion for the scents and flavors of the sea that he has breathed since his young age by transferring them to unique preparations. In fact, the recipes on the menu come mainly from the experience of Nena Ciuffardi, Rudy’s mother and keeper of the oldest recipes of the Riviera and the Ligurian hinterland. The depositary of the history of each dish, Rudy knows every detail of the recipes of the Octopus Mario, from their conception to the moment they arrive on the table and coordinates the kitchen secrets.