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The fame of Polpo Mario Sestri Levante is not only due to the exquisite dishes prepared with the catch that comes directly from the fishing, that every day the chef Daniele Guidi takes on the table. The Octopus Mario also owes its fame to its rich and fascinating history, that shines in the details that make up the Local and continues to live through objects, photographs and the stories of those who voice the Octopus Mario is at home, first of all its founder Rudy Ciuffardi. It may be that the name "Polpopress" is not unknown to most: someone will remember our quarterly, that with rubrics, articles and photographs telling the initiatives, evenings, tourist events Sestri Levante and even scoop the characters who frequented the Octopus Mario. Today Polpopress revived in a modern, digital key to tell all Wine stories, sea ​​and gastronomy who have made the history of Polpo Mario ... and that they still. Find here all the news and trivia about seafood restaurant Polpo Mario.


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