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"It feels, we are curious, forgive, this sign "Polpo Mario" and all these pictures on the walls, say there is some legend?”.
based on the book "Mario!"V. Gueglio

The seafood restaurant Polpo Mario, posing on her table Sestri ancient recipes and fresh fish caught with their fishing, It is the perfect place to enjoy unique dishes and live relax with good food, in a fascinating and magical.

Our history

Beyond the Legend

At Octopus beats the heart of old Sestri Levante, linked to the old fishermen's legends.

The restaurant owes its name to a story sestrese, inspirer of numerous books, that He tells of a special octopus named Mario.
Bred by Gnussa fisherman, that softened by the animal's gaze decides to save it, the octopus is then brought up and done study by Caesar and his wife Nena, respectively king and queen of octopus Portobello bay in Sestri Levante.

This is the same story that mom and dad Cesare told Nena to small Rudy, founder of the restaurant "Il Polpo Mario".

I started this business in sixties, with a restaurant, so to say, obtained from the control cabin of a ship that had anchored to a rockHe tells the patron Rudy CiuffardiYou could only get to by boat, there was neither light nor gas, but customers were not lacking”.

In 1980 Rudy, She abandoned her rock, opens the restaurant Polpo Mario.
The rest is history ... or should we say legends.

The Octopus Mario has participated in several TV broadcast Taste eat your Channel 5, Fornelli Italy and The Sunday of the Village with David Mengacci, Ocean Planet on Rete4, the Fattoria di Luca Sardella on RaiDue and several episodes on cooking octopus on Fuji Television Japanese.

Our fishing Boat

Polpo Mario is also the name of our vessel and where every day we are ready for a new adventure: the Octopus Mario daily fishing for our customers, in our blue sea, an incredible variety of fish, shellfish.
Scampi, prawns, pulps, mullet, squid and much more fish Ligurian, characterized by the typical fragrance of arziglio: these are the key ingredients of our delicious preparations, that will delight your taste buds.

It is the striking image of fresh fish Sestri Levante Just laddered from the network that come to life our great dishes, unique dishes that distinguish the culinary evenings at Polpo Mario.

Our Brigade

Daniele Guidi

Chef - From riches to rags ... Pope Innocent III

At Octopus from Mario 1997, the chef Daniele Guidi is one who cultivates passion for cooking fish always: I left the hotel school, It is formed in important kitchens like the restaurant two Michelin stars The Trigabolo Argenta (Ferrara) with chefs pluristellati Igles Corelli and Bruno Barbieri. In recent years he has the chance to cook alongside Gualtiero Marchesi, Gianfranco Visscher, Alfonso Iaccarino. In 1990 arrives at the restaurant Ca 'Peo Leivi, Michelin Star, where it remained for seven years and 23 years flies in America as Ambassador of Ligurian cuisine a Washington. In 2016 receives recognition Les Toques Blanches Honor (Platinum Hat), the highest honor the Association of Italian Chefs.

Al Polpo Mario excellent kitchen staff guide it composed of people who not only cook the fish in a lofty, but essendone connoisseurs, I work with skill and passion, combining traditional dishes prepared with rich dishes of innovation, with the creativity of those who every day have access to a great variety of fresh fish.

Rudy Ciuffardi

Gastrofilologo and founder

"Go to the grocery store in the woods" The grandmother said, cook for bargain 'noble families. And he went on Mandrella to stock up on mushrooms, chestnuts, more. A lover of the sea and good food, Owners of fishing boats, visionary entrepreneur and inventor of worldly and gastronomic events. There are many titles that fit like a glove in Rudy Ciuffardi, but he calls himself "gastrofilologo”, term for which Treccani has devoted a neologism: “those who love the rules and ingredients of good food and studying in detail the properties of the food and the preparation of special dishes”. Rudy is also a writer of cookbooks tied to tradition and author, among the many, of "Vissi d'amore and Octopus - 135 ways to cook the octopus”, and the comic that tells the true story of Mario octopus.

Son of the "prince of harpooners" of Sestri Levante Cesare and the "lady of the kitchen" Nena, Rudy is a gourmet family who he managed to pass on his passion for perfumes and flavors of the sea who breathed from an early age by transferring them in unique preparations. The recipes on the menu in fact come mainly from the experience of Nena Ciuffardi, Rudy's mother and guardian of the oldest recipes of the Riviera and the Ligurian hinterland. Custodian of the history of each dish, Rudy knows every detail of the Octopus Mario dishes, from their conception to the moment they arrive at the table and coordinates the secrets of the kitchen.